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Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool

Chinese name: 黑龙潭 (Heilongtang).
Location: 12 kilometers northeast of Kunming City
Opening time: 08:00-17:00

Brief introduction of Black Dragon Pool:
The Black Dragon Pool first became a popular tourist attraction over 700 years ago during the Ming Dynasty. The area contains many attractions alongside the main tourist draw, the Black Dragon Pool itself.The Black Dragon Pool was named after a legend stating that in ancient times there was a black dragon living in this pool. Most of the buildings visitors see today were completed during the Qing Dynasty. The Black Dragon Palace is at the bank of the pool, which is where memorial ceremonies were once held. This palace was built during the Ming Dynasty, around 700 years ago. Long ago, there was a lot of drought kunming. Once there was no rain for several months. A young man named the little black dude, in anger, made a doggerel to scold the dragon king: Death by knife, dragon king, all over the disaster, if I see you, I will peel out all your scales! The little black dure said goodbye to his families and friends and went away to find water in the world. There is no airtight wall, the matter of about the little black dude’s scold to dragon king was heard by the Five Old Mountain pock-faced old dragon, he was very angry. Because the wind and rain in kunming happened to be his area of management. The old dragon king decided to punish the little black dude. And the pock-faced old dragon became an old man with white hair and pockmarked face, sitting at the mouth of the mountain waiting for little black dude. Little black brother saw pockmarked old man so to ask him for some water source, and asked him to lead the way. The old man led little black brother into a black mountain park at the bottom of the park they see a spring, when the little black dude just about to drink the water, he only heard a “crash”, then the next thing is that the little black dude was tied up by a long and thick steel chain. The pock-faced old man said, “I am the dragon king, you dare to scold me, I will throw you into this deep pool and drowned!” When the little black dude heard what the pock-faced man said, his anger like a fire rised three feet, and he bite his teeth and say:”I want to scold you, old and lobster dragon king.” And the old dragon king said: “you and I have no hatred in the past, noe enmity in this life, why do you scold me?” The little black dude said:”your sky is drought, it didn’t rain for a half year, a party of common people died, aren’t you the one who deserves to be scolded, no?” The dragon king said, “it’s going to rain when it’s dry, it is going to dry when it has too much rains. These things are exhausting. I am an old man, I really have nothing to do with it. The little black dude is very very angry now, saying, if you don’t intervene, I will.” And the old dragon king said:”You can, but promise me two things.” “What is it?” said the little black dude. “To rain and stop the rain are all done by the dragons, if you want to be able to have this power to rain on earth, you have to become a dragon first. And the second thing is, you will be locked up in this dragon pool after the transition. And you can rain the rath only once every six months. Then the llittle black dude said,” I agree with you, but I can not wait for six months, I will have to rain on the earth today!” So the pock-faced old dragon replied:”today is not a good day to rain, but if you insist, the rule is, every time you disobey the heaven’s rule, the steel chain on you will be added on another thousand KG, so what do you think, are you still going to do it now?” “Yes, I am going to rain on the earth.” Said the little black dude. Poker-faced dragon king nodded, with one finger, the little black dude on the chain loose, so that he drank three long mouthful of water. The little black dude suddenly became a big black dragon, rushed to the air line of the rain, it rained on the earth for three days and nights, the villagers were all saved and the crops survived. After the rain, the little black dude was locked under the dragon pond. Whenever there was a drought, the little black dude would ignore the rule of heaven and arbitrarily went through the rain. Again adding a thousand KG to the steel chain on him. He struggled under the dragon pond, because he was a black dragon, his weat came out black. So he dyed the dragon pond into a black pond. Ever since then this dragon pond is called Hei Long Tan (the black dragon pond), in order to commemorate the little black dude, human built the black dragon palace and Longquan Guan.