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East and West Pagoda

East and West Pagoda

Chinese name: 东西寺塔(Dong Xi Si Ta).
Location: No. 132,Dongsi Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.
Opening time: 24/7

Brief introduction of East and West Pagoda

In ancient Kunming, where droughts and floods often occur, the scourge was blamed on the dragon, a mythical creature that makes the clouds rain. Kunming is located at the edge of Dianchi Lake. There are many rivers and lakes are named after dragon, such as Panlong Jiang River, Jiulong Chi (Green lake), Heilong Jiang Lake, Lanlong Tan and Bailong Tan (Blue Dragon Pond and White Dragon Pond). There are four bronze birds with golden wings on the top and four corners of the pagoda of east and west temple, because its shape looks like a chicken, people call the west east Pagoda “The Golden Bird Pagoda. The golden winged bird on the top of the tower is the Calulas in the Buddhist “eight part of the dragon”. The Buddhist Sutra say that the Calulas take snakes as food, can terminate all kinds of venomous snakes in the world.The Cabulas perched on the top of the tower, acted as a watchman and a deterrent to dragons who wanted to make waves.