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Jinma Biji Square

Jinma Biji Square

Chinese name: J金马碧鸡 (Jinma BIji)
Location: No. 10, Jinma Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province.
Opening time: 24/7

Brief introduction of Jinma Biji

Jinma Biji historic site in the heart of Kunming is the home to two magnificent Chinese arches. A stop for a glance of the archways is highly recommended. There is magical phenomenon related to two arches.

Jinma and Biji
No one exactly knows where comes the name for the Jinma Biji archways. Some say the names of Jinma and Biji are named after the two nearby mountains called Jinma and Biji. But some goes much further. They think the Golden Horse and the Jade Rooster are the gods of the Sun and the Moon. What’s their reason? The magic moment when the shades of the Jinma and Biji approach at sunset and the rise of the moon.
Arches of Jinma Biji Square
There are two huge arches on Jinma Biji square: Golden Horse arch in the east and Jade Rooster in the west. The impressive arches are the main attractions of the Jinma square. In the Mid Autumn Festival on the year of rooster falls at the time of autumn equinox, there will be hundreds of people checking if the Golden Horse and Jade Rooster are the gods of the Sun and the Moon. Indeed, on that exact day, which occurs every 60 years, the shadows of two arches of Jinma Biji are supposed to become just one.
This almost magical phenomenon is extremely rare to see. Indeed, it was possible to observe this magical moment with the first arches built on this site. However, due to the war, these arches were destroyed. Emperor Daoguang (19th century) rebuilt them, expecting that his successors will ever admire this overlap of shadows. Unfortunately, this was not the case for the arches were not rebuilt at the same height. In 1998, Jinma Biji arches were rebuilt to their original size, hoping to reproduce this unique phenomenon.
Then will you travel to Kunming on September 22, 2029? It is a special day for the magical phenomenon.